Name of the Project (not publicly visible) under which you will create the Documentations

Domain type

Lets you specify a Subdomain or Custom domain for your project


Any unique name within

Custom domain


In order to use a custom domain with your Project, make sure you first set correct DNS settings in your domain registrar administration panel.

The domain you are going to use must either:

  1. Have a CNAME type record set, pointing to
  2. Have an A type record set, pointing to the IP address

Enter and save the custom domain only after the new DNS settings have been propagated as platform will attempt to acquire SSL certificates for the domain to be used.

Team members

With the help of this section, you can invite other people to participate in the content editing process of your Project.


The role of the Team member.


Can edit Content Pages.


Can do everything except change the Owner of the Project.


Can do everything with no limitations.