The contents of the Documentation are written in Markdown syntax.


Please, check Markdown syntax examples section to learn what content you can create using Markdown!


Most of the toolbar buttons of the content editor will be familiar to you, however there are a couple of custom features to ease up the editing of the contents.

Insert Media

By using this tool, you can either select an image from the Media manager or use custom URL of the image.

It will also help you to specify the width, height and the alt attribute for the image by inserting a corresponding Markdown in the contents for you.

Insert info & warning blocks

These toolbar buttons will insert admonition markdown snippets in the contents for you.

Insert generic block

The Toast UI TUI editor used for the content editing isn’t perfect and sometimes will remove extra spaces from the extension-specific content, therefore, it is highly advised to use the generic block for entering specific markdown snippets.

Generic block contents are not affected by the TUI content sanitizer, so extra spaces, tabs or other features required for the extension to work, will not be removed.


Use the Insert generic block feature from the Toolbar to enter extension-specific markdown, which otherwise might get affected by the TUI editor sanitizer!