Navigation bar

Description of UI elements you will find in the navigation bar of the app.


Lets you switch between the Projects.


Remember - you can create your own Projects as well as be invited as a participant in other Projects. All of these Projects will appear in the dropdown.

Use the Cog icon to get to the settings of the selected Project.


Lets you switch between the Documentations of the active Project.

Use the Cog icon to get to the settings of the selected Documentation.


Will open the Content editing UI for the active Documentation.


Opens the Media manager for the active Project.


Use the Media manager to upload and organize in folders files you might need to reference from the Documentation contents.


Use the Publish button to start the publishing process of the selected Documentation.


  1. The changes you apply to the Projects, Documentations and Content pages will not be published, unless you manually click the Publish button or you have Autopublish feature switched on.
  2. Publishing process triggers publication of all Content pages, not just one specific! Make sure the contents are in a good shape before publishing!

Live version

Will open the published version of the active Documentation in a new browser tab.


Autopublish switch

Will automatically trigger the publishing process as soon as you save changes to Projects, Documentations or Content!

Full width switch

When switched on, will stretch the UI to the full width of your screen.

Fullscreen editor switch

When switched on, Content Page edit screen will automatically enter fullscreen mode.

Content page published switch

When switched on, new Content Pages You create will automatically have “Published” toggler set ON

Theme switch

Allows You to switch the UI theme - light, dark or auto (based on Your OS theme).